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Client Bookkeeping Solutions

Client Bookkeeping Solution ("CBS") is a revolutionary way to maintain your books and records with as much or as little personal involvement as you desire. CBS consists of various accounting task oriented modules which permit you to use it as a computerized check writer and leave the bookkeeping to us; or, integrate with the other modules available and perform seamless bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. It's the software that grows with you. As your business grows you can add more modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Financial Statements.


Not yet convinced? How's this:  it integrates with electronic notes that allow you to consult with us on any accounting or bookkeeping questions you may have in real time. No need to call, e-mail or fax a question; just use the electronic note features and we respond to your question. So, whether you are a new start-up venture or a mature business with a large staff, CBS can be customized to work for you. 


We have an internet version too. So there's no need to worry about software changes and file space.


CBS is always updated, always secure, and available 24/7 for you to access. Whether it's monthly accounting reports or tax returns; they're always available. You have a log-in and a password that allows you access to your records from anywhere, anytime!


We can even integrate with a payroll module that not only lets you prepare payroll checks and all necessary reports but even gives you access to direct deposit and other benefits.


Call today for a complimentary analysis to determine whether this is the best way for you to keep your bookkeeping current, accurate, and stress free.