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Quick Books, Peachtree Complete Accounting, You name it...

We can train you and your staff on accounting software that you have purchased for use in your business.  We install, set-up, and explain.


It most cases it takes only a half day to get you up and running. We even set up your chart of accounts and explain what reports you need and when. We'll tell you about the 4 most valuable accounting reports and why they are important. We explain accounting and bookkeeping principles in language that you can understand without spending years studying accounting.


We come to your office, or if you prefer, you can bring your lap top to our office, and we'll have you up and running before you leave. We will set up your chart of accounts and go over data entry and report writing procedures. We show you how to do bank reconciliations and why they are important. And we will show you how to print the 4 most valuable accounting reports money can buy.


All this in a half-day or full-day session in your office or ours!  Do you need the half-day or full-day? Well, that depends on your prior experience and level of comfort.


We are also available for group training if you have more than one employee who must understand the software, or you want to offer this training opportunity to your business or social group.


Call today for more information. Hit the ground running with proper training and sound advice! So, before you even open that box, give us a call!