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Tax Planning

There are many reasons for tax penalties. The usual suspects are filing late, failure to file, and failure to pay estimated taxes. These penalties are added to the tax owed and in some circumstances can be substantial. However, there is possible relief! The government can, for good cause, abate (eliminate or reduce) a penalty. What's a good cause? Well, again there is no simple answer. It depends on the facts and circumstances. We will assess whether penalty abatement is possible based on all the facts and circumstances. For more information call us at 973-227-0799.


There's nothing wrong with tax planning. From its earliest days the US Supreme Court has insisted that taxpayers have every right to plan their affairs so as to minimize their tax liability. We can help! Not with any illegal, hair-brained schemes often available on the internet or from disreputable tax protestors! We offer sound, legitimate, and creative tax planning. We have years of experience solving the most difficult tax issues. Are plans are explained in detail and our advice is put in writing. There's never any fear of discovery because we keep you on sound ground.


Tax planning covers a lot of ground too. It can include the best entity to choose for your business, to the best state to incorporate, or the best alternative to choose when structuring a transaction. There is no one size fits all. The tax laws and regulations are vast and complicated. Many times there are pitfalls to avoid or opportunities to avail. But, it requires planning. We can assist by an in-depth analysis of your business or transaction and guide you to the best possible tax minimization plan available.